In October 2013, Casanova was rescued from a dairy farm when he was only at one week old.  Casanova is a “bobby calf,” which is considered a waste product of the dairy industry. But Hart Acres Animal Haven gave Casanova and his friend Romeo a new chance at life. He was bottle fed, and we spent many hours snuggling with him to help ease his sadness.

Casanova is bigger than Romeo, and has always been more confident. He is also much more stubborn than his brother! He is curious and pushy and such a sook. Cassanova is always the first to put his head in your lap if you’re sitting in the paddock, and Romeo is never far behind. These boys are such big, beautiful and gentle souls. Nothing quite like a kiss from a cow!

If you would like to sponsor Casanova, his annual sponsorship is $75.00 – this will assist us in feeding him and providing preventative treatments as well as any vet work required. As a sponsor, you will receive an electronic certificate and you are welcome to come and visit him (by appointment) and spend some time with one of our favourite residents.

Sponsor Casanova