Our mission is simple:

To help all animals that cross our path; to feed, care and rehabilitate those who need us. Our fight is for those with no voice, for all animals. We believe in a life of no harm, a life where all lives matter.


Hart Acres Animal Haven (HAAH) is a Not For Profit Organisation and located in North Western Sydney. Hart Acres has provided homes to many animals since we commenced our work in 2014. Our residents include, ex-battery hens, a spunky rooster, donkeys destined for pet food, unhandled horses, dairy calves, abused goats, neglected pigs and abandoned sheep.

Hart Acres was founded by Neva Hartmann in 2014, and came about out of necessity as opposed to desire.  The sanctuary is currently run by Neva and her family. At HAAH, we work to create safe, loving homes for the unwanted and otherwise forgotten animals. We work to educate the community on living a compassionate and cruelty free lifestyle.

At Hart Acres Animal Haven, we work with vets and specialists to ensure these rescued animals are provided with the appropriate care, nutrition and behavioural assistance that they require.

As we are a small sanctuary, we also actively work with rescue groups and other sanctuaries to help re-home animals that cannot find sanctuary at HAAH. Our goal is to rescue the unwanted, rehabilitate and nurture and re-home into loving homes where possible. In instances where rehoming is not an option, these animals will live out their lives at the Hart Acres Animal Property.

As a not for profit organisation, we welcome donations of food, materials to assist in building shelters and sheds to assist us in accommodating the rescued residents.