D’jango had been left waiting for someone to help him for 12 long years. He, Coco and Archie stood, forgotten and starving on a farm. Can you imagine it? A beautiful Anglo Arabian horse in his mid 20s left to waste away… That is until we got the call from a concerned neighbour, who had recently moved into the area, and knew that the property had abandoned some years prior.

We ventured out to help. D’Jango was skin and bones, fearful of humans and afraid of life itself. He has now been at Hart Acres Animal Haven since February 2014, and during his time here, he has softened and warmed to our presence. After extensive rehabilitation and following strict nutritional advice, D’Jango has truly come into his own. He is a bright boy with a beautiful soul.

We have worked effortlessly with Django to get him caught so that dentists, farriers and vets can help him live the life that he deserves. This journey continues as we work with him to float train him etc. When D’jango first came to Hart Acres Animal Haven, he held a world of sadness in his eyes, but now there is a light in his eyes. And when he’s groomed or stroked, he likes to close his eyes slightly and take it all in. He loves it when you sing to him quietly and rests his head on your shoulder when you do. He enjoys splashing in the dam with his oldest and dearest friends, Coco & Archie, and galloping around the property and speaking to the neighbouring horses. He is an absolutely beautiful horse who is taking every day in his stride.

If you would like to sponsor D’Jango, his annual sponsorship is $100.00 – this will assist us in feeding him and providing preventative treatments as well as any vet work required. As a sponsor, you will receive an electronic certificate and you are welcome to come and visit him (by appointment) and spend some time with one of our favourite residents.

Sponsor D’Jango