All of the chicken you see at Hart Acres Animal Haven were rescued from a Battery farm where the conditions were appalling. They were stored in overcrowded cages, kept in the dark, and if they had been male, they would have been sentenced to death.

When first arriving at Hart Acres Animal Haven, Ginger – like her companions – was undernourished and featherless. But as soon as felt the grass beneath their feet, she began to scratch, and before long Ginger was having dust baths and soaking up the sun. Now Ginger knows what life is as she has regrown her feathers, put on weight, and lives a free life with her sanctuary brothers and sisters.

If you would like to sponsor Ginger her annual sponsorship is $25.00 – this will assist us in feeding her and providing preventative treatments as well as any vet work required. As a sponsor, you will receive an electronic certificate and you are welcome to come and visit her (by appointment) and spend some time with one of our favourite residents.

Sponsor Ginger