Napoleon was rescued from a local dairy, he is what the dairy industry considers – a waste product. Napoleon is a strong willed, intelligent boy who enjoys the magic of each day as anyone should. We collected Napoleon at 6 days old and were told that other calves before him were being shot at 1 day old, too expensive to keep around. This is the harsh reality of the dairy industry.

Napoleon has brought a lot of joy to the residents of Hart Acres, and in particular Casanova, our resident steer who has suffered greatly, losing his closest friend Romeo in January 2016. Cas has taken on the role of big brother very seriously and follows Napoleon everywhere! Napoleon is enjoying being part of a family and yearns for company – something that Bobby calves often live their short lives without ever knowing.

Napoleon will live to grow old at Hart Acres, a constant reminder that all lives matter, and will have the opportunity to know family and true joy is all that we could ever ask for. He, like all other cows, has a strong sense of family and loyalty that is not dissimilar to us. Napoleon deserves a beautiful life, and we hope that Hart Acres will give him all that he deserves.

If you would like to sponsor Napoleon, his annual sponsorship is $75.00 – this will assist us in feeding him and providing preventative treatments as well as any vet work required. As a sponsor, you will receive an electronic certificate and you are welcome to come and visit him (by appointment) and spend some time with one of the most beautiful yet, quite possibly, most forgotten victims of an outdated industry that so many turn a blind to.

Sponsor Napoleon