Piggy Sue

Piggy Sue was surrendered to Hart Acres at the age of 4. I still recall the day that she climbed out of the float, only wanting to be with her boy, the youngest in their family who were surrendering her– she would snuggle and call to him and I can still see her standing at the gate as they hurriedly left. Piggy Sue still looks for them. She is an intelligent, bolshie bright girl, who was clearly bonded with the young boy in the family and has not yet found her favourite here at Hart Acres, some pigs only ever bond with one person their entire life.

We discovered after her family had left, that Piggy Sue was surrendered due to aggression and not a ‘family move’ – but she has blossomed here, she has a strong character and a beautiful curiosity that many pigs have. Each day we watch her and Empress gain ground and enjoy being closer with each other. She is at the top of the hierarchy here at Hart Acres and the other residents are happy enough letting her run the show! Slowly, she has come out of her shell and she enjoys her days in her wallow and her daily fruit treats.

None of the residents at Hart Acres are ever forced to interact with the other residents or with us, we fully appreciate that our residents all come from different beginnings and their needs are paramount. On Open Days, Piggy Sue shines! She loves interaction and enjoys being with children, we think that maybe it helps her remember her very special human that left her that day.

If you would like to sponsor Piggy Sue, her annual sponsorship is $50.00 – this will assist us in feeding her and providing preventative treatments as well as any vet work required. As a sponsor, you will receive an electronic certificate and you are welcome to come and visit her (by appointment) and spend some time with one of the most intelligent and curious beings you’ll ever have the good fortune to meet.

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